Vantage Orthotic were developed through exhaustive research in the field of biomechanics and kinematics of the foot, during a golf swing. Research has shown that optimizing patterns of rotation and weight transfer will facilitate the segmental and kinematic linking necessary to perform an efficient, accurate and reproducible golf swing. The patented orthotics have multiple built in components, with each specific to this research. Vantage Orthotics function as a training aid teaching proper foot position during swing. This can help to develop a swing that can be consistently repeated. Vantage Orthotics will ultimately increase function and performance by improving balance effects on closed chain kinetics. This in turn, increases club head velocity promoting greater efficiency during swing.

Since each foot performs differently during swing with a different pattern of pressure distribution, the left and right foot orthotics are constructed differently based on measured differences of kinematics and kinetics at each foot.

Now research has finally allowed Vantage Orthotics to be able to harness the body’s natural kinematics during swing, translating into more power, distance and consistency. Vantage Orthotics have been performance-proven, on and off the course.

With VANTAGE Golf Performance Orthotic you can expect to have different elements of your golfing game improved, some of which include, but are not limited to:

  • + an increased club head velocity up to 5mph (1mph = 3 yards)

  • + consistency of swing

  • + facilitate a comfortable and correct set up position every time

  • + increase in traction while maintaining comfort

  • + provide additional surface area and forces to act over the entire length of the shoe

  • + promote ease of walking

  • + encourage the head to slide slightly from left to right, and not front to back